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HAVE YOU ASKED THE OWNER OR THE BROKER THE RIGHT DISCLOSURE QUESTIONS YET?  If not, then you should review the following suggested questions prior to the inspection:


1.    How old is the home?  How long have you lived there?
2.    How old are the additions?
3.    If any remodeling has been done, were the required local permits
       obtained and inspections completed?
4.    How old is the roof?  Any history of leakage, ice dams or other
       seasonal problems?
5.    Is the chimney lined or unlined?  When was it last cleaned?
6.    If a wood stove is present, do you have a permit?
7.    When was the home last painted?
8.    Does the yard suffer from any seasonal flooding problems?
9.    How old is the heating system?  When was it last cleaned and
       tuned up?  Are all rooms heated and cooled evenly?
10.  How old is the central cooling system?  When was it last serviced?
11.  Does the home have public water of a well?  If a well is present,
       where is it located?  When was the water last quality tested?  How
       old is the pump?  Does the well ever go dry?  Is a filtration system
12.  Do you ever experience problems with water pressure or drainage?
13.  How old is the hot water heater?  Do you have enough hot water?
14.  Is the home connected to the public sewer system or a private
       septic system or cesspool?  If a private system is present, does it
       ever backup?  When was the system last pumped out?
15.  What size is the electrical service?  (Note: 100 amp min.)  Are you 
       aware of any aluminum wiring in the home?
16.  Does the home have fuses or circuit breakers?
17.  Does any water ever leak into the basement?  If yes, where and
       when?  Is a pump needed?
18.  Are there any upcoming budgeted major repairs?
19.  How old are the kitchen appliances?
20.  Is the home insulated?  If yes, what kind and where located?
21.  Has the home ever had any pest infestation (such as termites, or
       carpenter ants, powder post beetles, etc.)?  Has the home ever
       been chemically treated by a pest control company?
22.  What items, fixtures or equipment will be left as part of the sale?
23.  Has the home ever been tested for lead paint?
24.  Has the home ever been tested for radon?
25.  Does the home have any prior air quality problems?
26.  Are there any utility easements on the dead?
27.  If a pool is present, how old is the pool, liner, filter, etc.?
28.  Are you aware of any asbestos in the home?
29.  Are you aware of any past or present conditions which may have
       affected the habitability or structural stability of the home?
30.  Have you made any significant structural repairs or changes in the
       time you have owned the home?


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